What is Spinal Decompression?

So what is it?

Simply put – Non Surgical Spinal Decompression is a treatment which reverses the compression on the spine without surgical intervention.  

How is it delivered?

The decompression is achieved with the use of a sophisticated and computerised medical table which employs load sensor technology to monitor and measure the treatment force and patient resistance.  Patients are encouraged to relax and sleep during the very gentle treatments. 

What is Spinal Compression and why does it need to be reversed?

Compression, and other conditions of the spine, happen either over time, due to some degenerative conditions in the body or from trauma or accident.

Most people will live with the effects of normal compression, such as bulging and herniated discs, without ever knowing that they have them.  Some such conditions however can cause immense pain and can benefit from decompression to relieve the pressure.

Some conditions ultimately require surgery however in many cases simple decompression treatments, targeted at the particular spinal segment, can achieve pain relief and bring back lost mobility.

How do I know if I’m suitable for the treatment?

The treatment is most suitable for those people with chronic back or neck pain which has not responded to exercise or manual therapy and which has been present for many months or even years.

How – How does it Work?

Through the gently stretch and release protocols that the Spinal Decompression table is computerised to perform a negative pressure is achieved to relieve the pressure and the pain.  

Why would I consider Non Surgical Spinal Decompression instead of Surgery?

Because it is gentle, has no risk of infection, has no downtime (you can resume your normal daily activities during the course of your treatments), is drug free and there is no recovery time.  If you are considering back or neck surgery the next question to ask would be – why wouldn’t you consider this treatment first?

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