Upper Back Cat

Many people who present to our Melbourne Chiropractic clinic have very locked up thoracic spines / mid backs. This is often due to seated and slouched postures that many people adopt every day at work and then at home. While manual treatment is quite effective at freeing this area up, complimentary exercise done at home can help immensely. The Upper Back Cat is a great way to free up the mid back.

To perform, kneel on all fours, with your hips over your knees and arms straight down below your shoulders. You can also do this exercise by placing your arms on a chair with your elbows slightly flexed. Slowly and smoothly mobilize the upper back by rounding it up and then letting it
fall towards the floor, staying in a comfortable range. Repeat this movement a number of times. Make sure let your head and neck follow the movement and try not to arch your lower spine too much.

For more stretches and mobility exercises, check out our other videos, otherwise you can contact one of our Melbourne Chiropractors for more information.

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