Our approach

Melbourne and Southbank Chiropractor
At Mobility Chiropractic in Southbank and Melbourne, we believe there is much more to helping someone achieve their health goals than just adjusting the spine. While we acknowledge the importance of a healthy and functioning spine, we understand that to see all the benefits of treatment, a multi-modal approach is key.

Your Melbourne Chiropractor will use treatments and assessments including, but not limited to:

Spinal adjustments
When you have a movement deficiency in your spine, this can lead to a wide range of effects, including reduced motion, pain, muscular dysfunction, aberrant nerve function and reduced body and sensory awareness. By applying specific adjustments to your spine, either with our hands or with instruments, we can help restore proper spinal and nerve function.

Soft tissue treatment
We believe no treatment is complete without looking at the soft tissues surrounding the joints. Soft tissue therapy included in your consult will vastly improve the adjustments effectiveness.

Adjustment-complimenting exercises
Your joints are there to facilitate movement. It is not their job to hold you up and keep you strong. Specific, individualised exercises may be used in conjunction with adjustments and soft tissue treatment to ensure that you’re not only strong, but have the optimal movement patterns to support a healthy life and counteract the effects of certain lifestyle factors, such as prolonged sitting.

Extremity treatments
Your body works as one fluid system, rather than just individual parts. Looking at the body as a whole will yield greater results than just addressing the symptomatic area.

Dry needling
Part of soft tissue therapy, allowing a deeper and heavier therapeutic response when required. Dry needling can help with those stubborn muscles that regular soft tissue therapy can’t resolve.

Posture assessments with imaging technology
Usually used in the first visit/progress exams, the imaging may be a useful tool for recognising dysfunction and measuring progress.

Movement assessments
It is often more important to see how you are moving as a whole than just looking at one dysfunctional segment. We have extensive training in recognising dysfunctional movements, which may explain in depth why your body may be feeling a certain way.

Lifestyle evaluation/advice
Most postural and movement problems arise as a result of our daily actions and habits. If you do not address these deficiencies, problems will continue arising. We try pinpoint areas in your life that might be contributing to your issues and give advice on what you can do differently.

To find out more about our approach, contact a Chiropractor from our Southbank or Melbourne CBD clinics here.

Learn the perfect stretch from our exercise library

Learn from the Mobility Health Exercise Library! We have categorised a vast amount of exercises for you to utilise on your road to recovery and performance enhancement. These exercises all have specific application, so please either speak to us directly or contact your healthcare practitioner first. 

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