Spinal Rotation Stretch

This spinal rotation stretch has been described as the greatest stretch in the world, and it is certainly one of our favourites. It’s a great way to hit a number of points, including spinal rotation, opening up the hip joint and stretch the psoas muscle. It generally gets to feeling good and loose and is a great stretch to do before exercise.

To perform, start in a lunge position, with the front foot flat on the floor, and rear knee and toes on the ground. Lower the opposite arm to your front leg onto the ground stabilize. Bring your other arm to outside of your front leg and slowly, in a rotational movement, reach it towards the ceiling so that your upper body is now somewhat facing to the direct of that arm (to the right if it’s your right arm). At this point, you can either hold his position for 30 seconds as a stretch, or you can slowly bring your arm straight back down and perform this movement for a number of reps.

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