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There are many forms of Yoga practice to try, each with different purposes, outcomes and experiences. When starting the practice, the search for the right style for you may seem endless. Below you’ll find a great detailed descriptions of the types of practice we have available at our Yoga Southbank clinic. For more information, feel free to give us a call or email us at Alternatively you can book online here and start your journey to a happier and healthier you today at our Yoga Southbank Clinic!

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Hatha Yoga | Yoga Southbank

Static stretch, disciplined action, controlled breathing.
Hatha is the heart of all yoga disciplines, having all styles of yoga derive from the fundamentals of hatha. Traditionally it is a combination of disciplined class structure, posture (asana) and controlled breathing.  Postures are held between 9-12 breaths or longer. Postures held for longer gives the student an opportunity to get deeper into the stretch or to explore the posture according to ability.  During the main segment the instructor will provide modifications specific the needs of the individual. Benefits of this class include building strength, flexibility, concentration, focus and endurance. Great for beginners and those who would like a better understanding of their body strengths and weakness, those who wish to improve sleep and self-control.

Slow Flow | Yoga Southbank

Gentle, dynamic stretch, breath awareness.
The word flow in Sanskrit is Vinyasa. In this slow flow practice we build on the fundamentals of Hatha yoga. You can expect to move from posture to posture in co-ordination with the breath in a gentle but continuous movement. Postures are held for 3-5 breaths so they are not static but fluid stretching for the body. The benefits of this practice include, building strength, postural integrity, mindfulness of action and breath awareness. This class is great for those who find it hard to relax and concentrate, to new students who prefer dynamic movement and athletes who are new to this type of exercise.

Slow Flowing + Yin | Yoga Melbourne

Dynamic stretch, steady, restorative.
This 75min class is a combination of a slow dynamic stretch followed by passive long hold stretches. The dynamic stretch aims at strengthening the tissues and moving mindfully whilst  a grounding yin sequence to helps restore energy flow through the connective and fascia tissue as the body relaxes. This extended class is great for the practitioner who wants a dynamic stretch with breath awareness and then to unwind and dissolve into a deep nourishing stretch.

Yin Yoga | Yoga Melbourne

Deep stretch, inner focus, relax.
A perfect way to transition from a busy day. Postures in this practice are held for several minutes with the support of blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps in order to access safe and positive “stress” on the connective and fascia tissue of the body. On a physical and emotional level yin yoga aims at the maintaining the natural mobility of the joint to then allow the meridian system to open up and then work towards emotional equilibrium. Whilst the body will still need to work it is more about releasing tension in the body “the letting go”, to restore balance mentally and physically. Appropriate for all skill levels.

You can find out more about our Yoga Melbourne and Yoga Southbank instructor, Ferial, here!

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Learn from the Mobility Health Exercise Library! We have categorised a vast amount of exercises for you to utilise on your road to recovery and performance enhancement. These exercises all have specific application, so please either speak to us directly or contact your healthcare practitioner first. 

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