Corporate Health Melbourne

At Mobility Health, we have a range of corporate health Melbourne options that are suited to businesses large and small. We serve businesses in Southbank, Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, Richmond and beyond. We can tailor a workplace health program for you based on the following:

Ergonomic Assessments
What is workplace ergonomics? It is the design of the working environment, to maximise efficiency and productivity while also minimising the risk of injury.

A skilled chiropractor will spend 15 minutes working with each staff member to personalise the working environment suited to their needs. This will not only assist with the workstation setup, but we can also offer advice on how they should be sitting. If the staff member has any discomfort, we can advise on what may be causing the discomfort and explain and assist with prevention of future discomfort.

Some of the many benefits of proper workplace ergonomics include:

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Injury prevention
  • Maximised workplace comfort

A healthy corporate bottom line begins with healthy employees.

Health and Wellness Presentations
We also offer presentations to businesses on a variety of topics. These presentations are aimed to educate your employees on various topics relating to health and wellness. Our subjects include ‘Exercise for the office’, ‘ergonomics and how it can help you’, ‘the importance of posture’ and ‘important lifestyle factors for every workplace’. The chiropractor can also answer specific questions that employees may have. We are able to tailor a presentation to any workplace health problems you want more information about.

Guided Stretching Classes
We know that prolonged sitting isn’t good for us. So while we try to maximise efficiency and decrease risk of injury with ergonomics, we still need to realise that we’re putting our bodies under some stress.

Our guided stretching classes will give your employees strategies to counteract the negative effects of their workplace postures. We will go through a number of different stretches and workplace exercises, designed specifically for your workplace, and make sure each participant in the class understands and performs each one correctly with a hands-on, individualised approach.

On-Site Treatment
When a company adds on-site chiropractic care as an employee benefit, a licensed Melbourne Chiropractor comes to the place of employment a certain amount of times per month. This could be monthly, every other week or even once a week, depending on the needs and the size of the company.

During this time, the chiropractor will meet with any employees who want to be treated. To get started, employees will undergo a consultation with the Chiropractor that includes not just musculoskeletal issues but also focuses on nutrition, lifestyle and exercises.

 Once the patient’s complaint has been evaluated, a treatment plan is set up and treatment begins right away. Due to the space and equipment constraints of offering on-site chiropractic care, the most common on-site treatments are manual chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatment or exercise prescription. If additional treatment is required, the chiropractor will provide advice on what sort of external treatment may be best suited for their needs, be it with the chiropractor themselves at their clinic or with another health professional.

Benefits of on-site treatment include:

  • Reduced overall costs of healthcare
  • Less use of PTO
  • Improved health of employees
  • Individual attention

If you would like to provide a chiropractic service to your employees, but prefer not to have it on-site, we also offer business health and corporate wellbeing programs where employees from your business would get discount rates at our practice.

Individual pain consultations
Individual pain consults are 10-minute time slots, where employees are given the opportunity to discuss any bodily concerns they may have with a skilled chiropractor. It may be asking for advice/suggestions on a particular pain they have been experiencing, advice on exercises that can be performed to reduce discomfort or questions about exercises they are already doing. Our goal is to provide each person with the opportunity to understand what direction they need to be heading in relation to concerns they are having.

We love this option because it gives those who may not have the opportunity to ask a professional questions they may have without any further obligations.

Posture/movement screens
Posture and movement screens are similar to pain consultations. These are 10-minute time slots held at the business, with a specific assessment for each employee that feels they have postural or movement issues. A skilled chiropractor in Melbourne will identify any problems and provide advice on how the employee can improve these issues.

These Corporate Health Melbourne options are available to businesses in Southbank, Melbourne CBD and beyond.

Please contact us at, or call us on 9645 9923 if you would like to discuss any of these options with a Chiropractor Melbourne or would like to discuss a program which bundles various options together.

Learn the perfect stretch from our exercise library

Learn from the Mobility Health Exercise Library! We have categorised a vast amount of exercises for you to utilise on your road to recovery and performance enhancement. These exercises all have specific application, so please either speak to us directly or contact your healthcare practitioner first. 

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