Prone Hip Extension

The Gluteus Maximus is a commonly underactive muscle in many people. This is due to spending much of the day seated. Its main role is to extend hip back, which is the opposite of what your hip is doing when you are sitting. Thus, it is an important movement to train and muscle to begin consciously activating, which you can do with a hip extension exercise.

To perform, lay face down with your hands under your forehead. Make sure you adopt a neutral spine posture lightly activate your abdominals. Squeeze your glutes while continuing to breath normally, then slowly extend 1 leg off the floor without arching or rotating the spine. Either do some reps on the same leg and the switch legs, or do 1 rep per leg at a time. Make sure you focus on the glute squeeze and do not let it go while doing the movements. Also make sure you do not rotate your pelvis or hyperextend your lower back.

For more videos to help strengthen your hips and glutes, check out our Hip Exercises section, or for more information about how our chiropractors can help you, have a look at our website.

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