Prone Extensions

Another good exercise to train posterior movements is Prone Extensions. Training these types of movements if you don’t do any movement in this direction. It is a useful one for people who spend much of the day in a slumped or seated position.

To perform, lay face down on the floor. Have your arms by your side, palms face down and fingers spread. Find a neutral spine posture and gently brace your abs. Glide your head back, lengthening the neck and nodding the chin in. Squeeze your shoulder blades together gently and try depress them against your thorax. Also contract your glutes when performing this exercise. Slowly and with control, lift your chest and legs slightly off the floor while exhaling. Bring them back to the floor with control while inhaling. Make sure you do not hyperextend your lower back. Repeat this movement as many times a prescribed.

For more exercises for back strength, check out our exercise library, or contact one of our Melbourne Chiropractors for information about how we can help you with you back pain.

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