Is one minute rest enough?

So you’re feeling a niggle after training? Maybe experienced an injury or two? Well you’re not alone. Many people out there go to gym, pump out hardcore session and love the burn that they get from training, but is that training doing what you want it to do? Here we will touch base on one of many components that contribute to the breakdowns we see so often; Rest

How long should I be resting between sets?

It depends what you’re training for. If your goal is to increase endurance and fitness, generally the short rest periods can be ok. They give you enough time to breathe, gather yourself again and move on into another exercise. Generally though, this form of training only provides enough recovery for low weight exercises- I wouldn’t advise trying to break any personal bests doing this. In this type of training, your body hasn’t had enough time to replenish stored energy and its allow time for its powerful energy processing system (ATP-PC system) so lifts will be weaker and more fatiguing. It doesnt mean that you shouldn’t train with these rest periods as this type of training can be really good! Just dont apply the short rest approach to strength training, as you’re likely to see an injury after a short time.

How much rest is enough for strength training?

If you’re wanting to lift heavy weight, and not collapse on yourself as the sets go on, you should be looking at a three minute rest period, at least. Three minutes gives your body just the right amount of time to lift big, and have at approx 90% of the stored energy replenished and ready to go. This means your lifts will be powerful and your fatigue across the sets will be reduced.

So go on, jump on your phone and scroll through instagram, catch up on some emails, or check out pictures of cats on reddit. If you’re training for strength, don’t feel guilty. You need that pure rest.

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