Hip Clams Plus

The hip clams plus is a variant of the common hip clam as it may force greater contraction and isolation of the glute complex. If you’re looking for a progression for the standard hip clam, this may just be what you’re after, however if you have a tendency to roll your hips backwards when you’re performing the standard clam, it may just be better to start against a wall instead. Having the wall as a support is often easier to control and understand than the plus version of this exercise.

For those progressing, setup couldn’t be more straightforward, as the exercise is only slightly different to the standard hip clams. Start in the normal clam position, laying on your side with hips and knees up. Gently press your top knee past your bottom knee and be sure to maintain this position at all times. Raise that top knee as high as you can without rolling backwards, and then slowly lower it back to the start. You’ll notice that you won’t be able to go as far as you can with a standard hip clam, and that’s ok- you’ll definitely feel this variant working!

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