The best treatment you have never had – Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.

Frequency specific microcurrent works by administering tiny (non-perceivable) amounts of electricity as a specific frequency (wave form). The body is essentially one giant semi-conductor, being largely made out of water. FSM takes advantage of this fact and uses frequency combinations to travel through the tissue and create an effect. Researchers have theorised that the specific frequency turns on or off specific cellular receptors. Whatever the reason, these frequencies can be a powerful tool, when used correctly.

For example, one of the most useful frequencies in our arsenal is 40 Hertz, which is the resonance to reduce acute inflammation, but for our purposes we also can use it to reduce the over-activity of a tissue. This frequency works so well, in an unpublished blind placebo mouse trial, the frequency 40 hertz in combination with an immune specific combination reduced acid induced swelling by 62% in 4 minutes – an unprecedented amount. The use of the frequencies 40 and 396 hertz in one published paper resulted in reduction of previously untreatable neuropathic nerve pain from an average pain score of 6.7/10 to 1.8/10.

One of the biggest advantages for FSM over other modalities in body work (massage, chiropractic) and alternative therapies (laser, TENS etc) is its versatility in not just its possible effects but also the tissue types treated. For example, we can treat places that without FSM, are not accessible, like the spinal discs, as well as treating virtually any layer from the skin all the way through to bone. There are frequencies available for both reducing conditions (inflammation, scarring, fibrosis, toxicity, general pain etc) and for helping rejuvenate tissues (Torn or broken tissues, supporting tissue secretions etc). An example of this is when treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) from strenuous weight training, where we treat the fascia and muscle tissues for the inflammation they are experiencing in response to the stress, then use specific frequencies to vastly accelerate the healing process.

So look at it this way – basically any condition can be HELPED with FSM, from muscular or nerve pain to poor skin. Its one of the most exciting modalities to use, with the possibilities virtually endless.

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