Shoulder Pain and Common Causes

Shoulder pain – balancing mobility & stability

The shoulder is a mechanically complex area and can be a challenge to rehabilitate. It is considered the body’s most mobile joint, able to swing around in a full 180 degree circle. In caveman days, this provided humans an excellent advantage when we were throwing spears and swinging from trees.

Unfortunately this degree of mobility does leave the shoulder vulnerable to injury. The shoulder relies heavily on more than 20 surrounding muscle to provide stability and support. As you can imagine, few people living a 21st century lifestyle are exercising their shoulder muscles enough to provide this necessary support. As a result, shoulder complaints are one of the most common we treat at Mobility Health, even in sedentary desk workers.


Common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Bursitis

Inflammation of the bursa, a fluid filled bubble structure that prevents friction between bones and muscle tendons in the shoulder. Often occurs together with tendinopathy.

  • Tendinopathy

Most commonly found in the rotator cuff and biceps tendons, tendinopathies include wear and tear of the muscle tendons that support the shoulder.

  • Arthritis

Age related wear and tear of the joint associated with stiffness.

  • Instability

Excess laxity of the ligaments that provide joint stability, often associated with a history of shoulder dislocation.

  • Frozen shoulder

Capsular thickening that causes significant joint restriction and pain over a period of up to 2 years.


It’s also important to determine shoulder pain is truly originating from the shoulder. Neck injuries or even gall bladder and heart conditions can refer pain to the shoulder and mimic shoulder injuries.


At Mobility Health, our practitioners have the skills and knowledge to physically assess which tissues are contributing to your shoulder pain. This allows us to recommend the appropriate management plan for your specific injury, age and strength level. Our treatments aim to decrease muscle tension, improve joint mobility and provide pain relief. We then develop an individualised strengthening program to stabilise the area and prevent future injuries from occurring.


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