Changes to Body Posture During Pregnancy

The body’s ability to adapt and change over nine months as it makes room for a growing baby is nothing short of exceptional. As health care professionals, we aim to support women and their bodies on this incredible journey.

Expectant mums can expect to notice an increase in the curving angle of the lower back (lumbar lordosis) as their belly progress through pregnancy. Their feet and hips will naturally turn outwards to provide a wider base of support.Towards the last trimester of pregnancy, women often notice pubic pain as the spinal curves are exaggerated and more weight is placed across the front of the pelvis.

However, the pregnancy related postural changes the body goes through aren’t always hiccup free.

Factors that can influence how well the body is able to cope with these changes include:

⭐️Different pelvis shapes and sizes

⭐️Variety in people’s tissue health and elasticity

⭐️Level of muscular strength and subsequent joint support

⭐️Natural lower back and hip posture and curves

⭐️Prior injuries or trauma to the area

Our staff are well equipped to assist women with musculoskeletal complaints and dietary requirements at all stages throughout their pregnancy journey.

Our osteopath Claire has a particular clinical interest in obstetric complaints and enjoys working with women complaining of pregnancy related lower back, hip and pelvic pain or to help prevent these complaints. She can provide physical treatment as well as advice on ergonomics and exercises that may assist in reducing symptoms.

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