Bird Dog

The bird dog is a great progression to the wounded bug. This exercise requires a little more stability and control than the wounded bug as you don’t have your back on the floor, allowing gravity to hold you in the correct position. When mastered, core stability with movement can be a really powerful tool in preventing injuries both relating to lifestyle and sports. This is the final progression of the Bird Dog exercise. There are easier variations that you should have mastered before progressing to this one.

To perform this excellent core trainer, start on all fours. The hardest part of the bird dog exercise is finding neutral spine and maintaining it at all times. It is very common for people to slip out of a neutral spine position, so the main focus of the exercise is to maintain it. So, find neutral spine and lightly brace your core. From this position, reach one arm above your head while at the same time, extending your opposite leg behind you as seen in the video above. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Not only should you be paying attention to the position and stability of the spine, but also focus on minimising rotation through the core.

If you would like to try some more core strengthening exercise, check out some of our other videos. Otherwise, if you have suffering from and back or neck pain, you can contact one of our Melbourne Chiropractors, or check out the rest of our website for more information.

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