Why joint manipulation isn’t enough

It is not uncommon for people to come into the practice and expect that all they’re going to get is joint manipulation, however as a sports chiro, treatment should and does go much further than that. Traditionally, Chiropractors used manipulation as the sole form of treatment, and to this day, many still do, however sports chiro’s understand the importance of assessing the body for what it is; a complex system of muscle, nerves, joints and various other soft tissues, all interconnected to create the complex being you are.

If humans are made up of so many different tissues, then how can we ignore some and give such preference to others regardless of the issue at hand? Realistically, we can’t. That is why treatment should include assessment and management of all relevant structures, not just the spine.

These days, the best practitioners in the world move outside what is considered “traditionally chiropractic” or “traditional physiotherapy” and provide whichever form of treatment will best suit the case in front of them. Gone are the days (or at least, they should be), where one structure or one approach to treatment fits everyone who presents at the practice. Our goal is to keep you moving and doing the things you love, while providing the best quality care possible, whatever that may be. So how does treatment differ for you when visiting us? Well, it’s quite simple. After a thorough assessment, you’ll receive information on what you are presenting with, and then be provided with the treatment deemed appropriate through clinical judgement. Yes, this may mean some joint manipulation (if appropriate and you’re comfortable with that), however it may also mean soft tissue therapies (such as specific massage or dry needling), specific exercise rehabilitation, lifestyle or training advice or more likely, a bit of everything.

For more information about sports chiro, and how we can help you, email brad@mobilityhealth.com.au, or call the clinic for a chat- we’re always happy to help and advise accordingly!

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