4 Point Thoracic Rotation

When people spend a lot of time in a slouched posture, especially when combined with rotation or leaning to one side, they often develop pain and stiffness in their mid back, shoulders and neck. The 4 point thoracic is a type of exercise to improve back mobility and can help counteract some of the effects of your slouched posture. Many people suffering from shoulder problems, who aren’t seeing improvement from therapy applied directly to the shoulder also find that improving their thoracic rotation and extension can help resolve some of those issues.

To perform, set up on all fours, hands flat on the ground and knees shoulder width apart. Lift one hand and slide it the back of that hand along the floor, between your opposite hand and knee. Reach as far as possible, then slowly slide it back and repeat. Make sure you keep your spine in a neutral position.

If long hours behind a desk are keeping you from experiencing a healthy, flexible body, we’d love for you to reach out and contact a Melbourne chiropractor at our facility. We offer a range of corporate health services and mobility exercises to rehabilitate any pain or injuries, and keep the body feeling fit and relaxed all year long!

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